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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Doubts and Some Certainty

The singularity of the incarnation of God as Jesus the Nazarene, at a given time and place, that is not easy to accept. Why then, why there, why the jews? Why not India or China, advanced cultures at the time? Rome? Same as above. America? Africa? What do they lack that the Middle East has?
Why did Jesus only teach for the last few years of his short life on earth? Why did he not say more, make things clearer, explain that this is not just about the Jewish people being wayward once again? The few things he left are so subject to interpretation...
But then there is the Holy Spirit, the Church, and a tradition without which nothing would go. And I realize that a document the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica would not be large enough to avoid doubts, misinterpretation and heresy. And if, through Divine might, it was written so unambiguously as to avoid all that, then there would by corollary be no true free will. Only a complete fool would then be able to doubt in God and hence act in a sinful way. No faith, no hope, no charity, no virtue at all. Big brother is watching, therefore we better all be good.
I am learning to except the miraculous, the scientifically unthinkable: That God came to us, walked among us, left his imprint on our world, gave us enough to find our way home. More than enough, maybe.