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Saturday, April 29, 2006

What is outside the world

A few follow-up thoughts to my last post:If our world is bottom-up, materialistically founded and determined, the interesting point is: what is outside? A believer of physics may claim that question to be irrelevant, as even such basics as the dimensions of space and time are solely defined within our universe, and to speak of an outside is thus nonsense. I have objections to this kind of argument: Physics, or any science dealing by definition with observable and repeatable phenomena that are of this world, cannot claim to know what is outside its own domain; to say it does not exist is an overreaching of its self-defined bounds. Secondly, the notion of just how encompassing the universe is, changes. Now we have the beginnings of theories that do posit a time before the big bang, of universes sitting in a metaverse, etc. Physics does not have the privilege of defining the boundaries of the world simply in line with its own current thinking, to change it for convenience at any time. Thirdly, no matter how many meta-meta-universes one postulates, there is always a meta+1-universe conceivable that lies outside all this lower metaness. Infinite recursion ensues without solving anything. Maybe one needs a metaphysics to deal with the metaverses, no?If the universe is created, life is much simpler. The endless recursion of what is outside ends right there, as God is not part of or subject to our laws of thinking. Hence no 'metagod' needs to be postulated. Physics and its associated disciplines dutifully explore the ‘inside’ of creation, never being called upon to fulfill a task they are not meant to do, namely to explain the nature of it.


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