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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


What lies at the root of the world? Do we live in an ultimately material universe, driven by the expansion of space, doomed by entropy? Is matter but a by-product of some great consciousness and the laws of physics its habits?
If this is an age of near total relativism, the only, and the most important question immune to it, is the one about fundamental reality. For if our world is 'bottom-up' i.e. materialistic, then it is hard to postulate any absolute principle, or value. If it is 'top-down' or created by a higher being, then there may be indeed one truth, one right way only.
This blog will be my attempt to clarify the issues, to hopefully generate some insights, and maybe to encourage discussion. I cannot for myself imagine a more important question than this: Is there a God, a being that created the universe and who may have a goal for its creation, or are we terrestrials just a passing phenomenon in a self-organized structure without plan or goal?


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